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Our company provides maritime candidates with renowned opportunities to grow their professional profile in the shipping industry.

Candidates that wish to apply to Vernel Maritime Services for a job in the shipping industry must follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Seafarers' Application Form and Enable All Content

    Candidates must use the link below to download the Application Form.

  2. Attach a passport photograph (if possible)

  3. Print Your Name (e.g. JOHN SMITH) or Sign Electronically

  4. Click the SUBMIT FORM button to forward the application to our team
    • Once you have completed and signed the Seafarers' Application Form, please click the SUBMIT FORM button (only once) at the bottom of the document.

    • If there are no error messages, your form has been successfully submitted to our team.

    • If you receive any error messages, please save the document as a PDF and submit it via email to

Seafarers that wish to provide feedback on our crew manning services may do so using the Feedback Form Link below. Kindly download the form and enable all content before completion. Click the SUBMIT FORM button once to forward the form to our team. If you receive any error messages, please save the form as a PDF and email it to our team at

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